Why Might You Need a Personal Injury Attorney?


Being injured because of somebody else’s negligence or malicious intent can be very frustrating. Trying to get the other party to compensate you for what you had to experience can be even many times more frustrating. Using a personal injury lawyer Houston residents can show the other individual, business or insurance company that they will be fighting for what they believe rightfully belongs to them.

Incidents Requiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

A few of the more common types of personal injury cases include:

  • Auto accidents
  • Workplace injuries
  • Wrongful death
  • Slip and falls
  • Fights and battery

Whether the injury is caused because the other party was not taking proper safety measures, as an act of malice, or if they were just being negligent, a personal injury attorney can help state your case in front of a judge, or take the lead in negotiating a settlement. You can be sure that the defendant in your personal injury case will have a lawyer representing them, which means you need one a personal injury lawyer Houston attorneys know and respect.

Process of a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Once you sit down with your attorney and tell them the details of your case, a lawsuit will likely be filed against the other party or parties. Sometimes this is an individual or business, other times it may be an insurance company. Many times, once they receive notice of the suit, the other side will try negotiating a settlement, which can be advantageous for both parties. Lawsuits can take years winding their way through the court system, while a settlement agreement can get everything done in a matter of weeks.

If a settlement cannot be reached, or the other side wants to argue their case in front of a judge, both the plaintiff (you) and the defendant will have a chance to gather evidence to build their respective cases. Several months down the line, the judge will hear arguments from both sides and will decide on an award. Most of the time, the result is clear cut you will likely end up with at least some type of monetary compensation. You are allowed to ask for lost wages, pain and suffering compensation, medical bills, repair/replacement of any property damaged, as well as lawyer fees and court costs.

After a judgment is handed down, the case can be appealed, though rarely does this happen. More often than not, the other side will write a check for the amount of the judgment and the case will be complete. If you are given an award but the other side refuses to pay, your attorney can help move the process of collecting along in court.