Types of Personal Injury Cases


Personal injury law or tort law helps the injured plaintiff to get the compensation from the person for whose negligence the plaintiff has suffered the injury. Plaintiffs can file the lawsuits for various situations. It is not always that any person has to get injured for that. Again, it is not always that the injured person will be compensated if it is proved that because of his/her haste the accident has occurred.

Here the common personal injury cases are enlisted. Take a look—

Car Accident Lawsuits

Across the United States, every year around six million car accidents occur because of the reckless driving and withstanding the orders of the traffic rules. A person can sue the other depending on the damages caused to the property and even if the person has suffered severe wounds from the injury. The opponent can also sue the person if he/she is also injured or if the vehicle is also severely damaged. Finally, after consulting the lawyers they move ahead for a settlement outside the court so that things can be sorted without the trial that can make the cases more complex and prolong.


Slip and Fall Cases

Another common type of personal injury lawsuits filed for slip and fall accident. It is the liability of the property owners to keep the place premises safe and free from any sort of hazard to keep the people on the property protected. But if these rules are not well maintained and unfortunately, a person fell and get severely injured, he/she can sue the property owner.

It is not true that every time the injured person gets compensated if the lawyer of the opponent camp has also proper clauses and evidence. Slip and fall claims are exclusively based on the property liability laws. Hence, the plaintiff has to undergo severe challenges to win the case. It’s challenging for the personal injury lawyer as well.


Dog Bites

Dog owners are charged with the liability if any injury is caused by the canine. Though the rules vary from state to state, but in the majority cases, it has been found that the dog owner has been detained for paying the damage caused by the canine. If the dog has no biting history, still the owner is sued he/she should consult a lawyer immediately for legal assistance. The plaintiff’s lawyer leaves no stone unturned in harassing the dog owner for paying the damage caused by the canine. But with the intrusion of the lawyer, things can become easier for negotiation.



 A plaintiff can file lawsuits of defamation in the form of libel and slander if his/her reputation is injured. It can be a defamation case of his/her name or brand. The plaintiff is most cases are celebrities that often file for similar lawsuits for ruining their public image. The lawyers fight for negotiating the compensation in order to settle the matter outside the court.

So , these are some of the most common personal injury cases that most people file lawsuits for.