Three Things To Check Before Hiring A Premises Liability Lawyer


Most of us don’t think of the varied laws, unless we are involved in some form of mishap, accident or crime. If you haven’t heard of premises liability law, it’s probably because you have never injured yourself at someone’s premises. This is a special body of law, which holds owners and landlords responsible for injuries suffered by others due to their negligence.

For example, in case you have slipped and broken your leg on a slippery floor, which could have been avoided by the landlord in the first place, you have the right to file for compensation for medical and other damages. So, how do you hire a legal expert for such cases? Here are the pointers worth checking.

  1. Such cases are handled by a personal injury lawyer, so you need to look for someone who has experience. Ask them a few questions regarding their work profile and the number of cases they have handled so far. This will only help in sorting doubts, as the trust on your attorney is the key to winning a case.
  2. Do not get bogged down by rules and laws. It is best to consult an attorney right after the accident, so that you can get his advice on all the things, including the papers you sign. When you hire a lawyer, ask them how they intend to help and the extent of their availability. At the end of the day, it is very important that your premises liability lawyer has time for your case.
  3. Most clients are worried about the legal expenses, and therefore, it is important that you ask about their charges and other aspects in detail. Sometimes, investigation in a case and other legal procedures may require money, and your lawyer may choose to charge you at the end of the case. Most often and frequently, lawyers take a percentage of the compensation amount.


Finally, don’t choose a lawyer because he seems to be nice on the phone. Take your time for a meeting, understand his expertise, and decide on the course of action. Sometimes, a case may not have the right potential, and your lawyer may advise you to not pursue the same, because the overall compensation may not as much as the legal amount spent. If needed, do not hesitate to ask for a few references, especially for clients in your area. Check for the best lawyers now!