Knowing your Legal Rights After Experiencing an Accident


In our everyday lives, as we go about doing our normal activities that make up our lives, accidents are prone to happen. When they do, people end up hurt. However, have you ever stopped to think for a second as to what or who really is the causative agent of the “accident”? With adequate proof that a person is the causative agent of the occurred accident, and that the victim shows that as a result they suffered injury, the person who caused the accident shall be held liable to compensate the victim. Individuals may suffer injuries due to the following types of accidents.

1. Auto Car Accidents.

Car accidents can be caused by various types of negligence. On the part of the driver, it could be due to excessive speeding. If you can show evidence in court that the driver was over speeding and as a result the accident occurred and occasioned injuries to you, then the driver shall be held liable to compensate you. Other forms of negligence include, distracted driving, failure to observe traffic signals, poor road maintenance and also defective vehicle design.

2. Aviation Accidents.

Flight accidents although rare, do occur. A passenger injured in a flight is entitled to be compensated by the pilot. Flight injuries can when boarding the plane, or while in flight or disembarking. Examples of causes of flight injuries are explained in details here.

3. Bicycle Accidents.

Riding a bicycle is a fun way of spending your free time. However, there are risk of collisions that can occasion injuries to the rider. When this happens, the other party who caused the accidents out of proved negligence can be held liable and compensate the cycler for the detriment suffered.

4. Birth Injury

There are some babies born with defects that could have been prevented. These could have been as a result of medical malpractice, failure on the part of the hospital to provide proper antenatal care for the mother, among many others. As a result, the newborn suffers injuries like, cerebral palsy, brachial plexus, traumatic brain injury, perinatal asphyxia and spinal code damage. These could be serious and have long lasting effect on the child’s lives.

5. Boating Accidents.

Boating is an extremely popular activity. While it is highly enjoyable, there is the inherent risk of accidents and injury. Different parties may be responsible for the injuries. Examples of negligence that lead to boating accidents may include, impaired drivers, distracted drivers, inexperienced drivers and also defective boat parts. Once the evidence is sufficient that a party acted in a negligent manner, they shall be held liable and asked to compensate the injured party.

In summary, there are many other areas in which accidents may occur and occasion injuries to individuals. This includes burn injuries, construction accidents, accidents by dangerous pharmaceuticals, distracted driving accidents, dog bite injuries, DUI, food contamination accidents, hotel and resort accidents, insurance disputes, medical malpractice, motorcycle accidents, neck and back injury, nursing home injury, pedestrian accidents, premises liability, product liability, slip and fall, spinal cord injury, pool accidents, traumatic brain injury, trip and fall, truck accidents, workplace accidents and even wrongful deaths. In the event you are involved in any of these accidents, it is best to seek medical help then get professionals to help you recover the detriment suffered.