Finding a bail bondsmen in Brazoria county


I’m not proud to say that I have been to jail before, if fact it is not a very fun thing to recall or tell anyone to be honest. But, there I was sitting in the back of a police car, waiting for whatever was waiting for me at the police station, I cannot tell you how scary it can be getting arrested for the first time. Now, I would like to touch base with the process of getting arrested for those who don’t know what it was like, then explain how bail bonds can help you.

The reason that I got arrested was that I was driving under the influence and was stopped at a check point. The kicker was that I had plenty of people who offer to drive me if I was not up to it. Funny how that can make the situation feel worse. Again, I was terrified at what was to come. I was taken to a police station and processed, which is pretty much what you would expect with what you would see in the movies, just a lot more tedious and boring. So much, that the fear started to slip away, until I was lead to a holding cell with a few other people. Now, I must say, being stuck in any type of confined space is terrible. You feel completely helpless and out of control of your life. To put it bluntly, avoid it as much as you can.

Now, the morning came and I was given a small hearing and given my set bail. Let’s just say that I was quite shocked at the price I would have to pay to avoid some more time in jail, which I was not wanting any of that. I won’t say exactly how much it was, but it was out of my reach. Being distort at the thought of having to spend any more time in jail, I had forgotten about bail bonds existed. Right up until I was given the option to reach out to a bondsman. I looking through the Brazoria county bail bonds section of the yellow pages and found one.

It was early, but was met with a welcoming voice. I explained my situation and told the amount that was set. The women on the other side of the line, explained all the steps that would proceed this conversation. I was informed that this was a loan and I would be charged a certain percentage of the total loan in question. Also, that I would have to pay up to fifteen of the set bail amount. Which was much easier to swallow then all of it and that I need to set up payments for the interest rate. She stressed how it was important to agree on an amount that both could accept, to avoid any consequences.

With her help, I could get out a few hours later and had all the time to prepare for my case. Which is a lot easier when you are not stuck in the county jail. So, if you ever get arrested just remember it will be over at some point and that bail bonds can save you a lot of pain.